Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Chinesse New Year

Yesterday Is Chinesse New Year =D
So we (simon, kimmy and I) went to my mother in law home, simon 'popoh', simon 'kyu meh' and we also went to simon 'kukuh' home at tanah cereal :)
we had a great chinnese new year.  
And this CNY is a first CNY for us as a married person and also as a family =). 
So this is the first time for us to gaved "angpao" for our nephew, niece and for the another children. 

And this also the first CNY  for kimmy ~(˘▽˘~) ~(˘▿˘)~ (~˘▽˘)~

XoxoxoooOOoxoO... We like this first experienced, and kimmy get angpao too, from her 'pak-pak', 'pak meh', 'popoh', and her 'kung-kung' (˘▿˘)
but  we don't get any picture of this momment (︶.︶メ) 

So when we at home, i took a picture of kimmy 'angpao', and when kimmy sit around with her 'angpao'

This Is Kimmy first 'angpao'
( ื▿ ืʃƪ) WowW kimmy get 9 angpao ( ื▿ ืʃƪ)

This is kimmy around her 'angpao'
 Kimmy in action with her first Angpao
(^_^)-c<^_^" ) Kim u look so cute (^_^)-c<^_^" )

~ Loved Mom ~

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