Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Last Sunday

Last sunday I have many event to attend *sok sibuk/sok penting* First my Friend Reni getting married that day, Secondly another friend of mine was invite me to attend her daugther 1st birthday her daugther name is cilla and the third one of our employee just have a baby boy on saturday and we need to go to the klinik on sunday. But after all negotiations with my lovely husband, we decided to attend cilla birthday party. The reason is cilla birthday party celebrate at KFC in artha gading mall and near with our apartment. =P

Here Some pics i took that day :

From left : Cilla Parents Kak Ramos, Kak Wulan, Cilla, Kimberly and I

Kimmy : mommy this is my nap time, i can't enjoy this party =P
Oh yah akhirnya si kimmy tidur di stroller, biar dikata berisik banget dia tetap aja molor, smpe orang juga pada heran sama dia, kok bisa-bisa nya dia tidur di tengah keberisikan yang super duper berisik.
*i will post the pic when kimmy sleep on this party*

Here a short video :

Akhir kata... kami keluarga Laxmono - Nelwan mo ngucapin happy wedding to reni n panji  (˘ʃƪ˘), happy birthday to cilla (◦ˆˆ)/ and welcome to the club to ariyanto and efi ~(˘˘)~ *bahasanya lebay* ^____^"

~ Melisa Laxmono ~

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